Print production for premium lifestyle brands

FTP Localised Store Marketing

What we do

Media Production

We are privileged to work with some outstanding business partners. Such as Wellcom Group, who provide many of our customers with photography, retouching, pre media, digital production and asset management.

They are a 350 strong team, with offices in Australia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, London and New York. Together Cousin and Wellcom provide a multi market solution from visual content creation through print production and delivery.


Paper Management

Our paper management partners are Gould Paper Corporation. Thanks to the global scale of their business, Gould has localised logistics management teams and sufficient leverage to deliver competitive advantage in any market.

Mailing and postage

Print formats, weights and mailing strategy all have an impact on postage costs, and all vary between territories. So whether it is a single market mailing or a global campaign, tell us what you need and we’ll ensure you get a cost effective package to fit your strategy.


Distributing printed products demands security and accountability. Our distribution partners use sophisticated and intelligent logistics programmes, so that we can give peace of mind through a tailored and optimised service.